Sunset at Mount Faber

Mount Faber's cable cars that offer a quick trip over to Singapore's Sentosa Island.

Mount Faber’s cable cars that offer a quick trip over to Singapore’s Sentosa Island.

As my time in Singapore dwindles, I’m trying to experience as much as possible before departing for Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar, and eventually back to Canada.

That means photographing everything that moves. A pen, pad and a lens have been my best friends lately.

Panoramic view of Singapore's Central Region pre-sunset.

Panoramic view of Singapore’s Central Region pre-sunset.

A sweaty mess atop Mount Faber.

A sweaty Saskatchewan mess atop Mount Faber. Thanks Lim.

City-scrape. Singapore's housing industry is definitely booming.

City-scrape. Singapore’s housing industry is definitely booming. It doesn’t come cheap here, though. Most of my Singaporean friends still live with their parents.

After finishing work at Asian Geographic last week, I zipped back to my hotel, grabbed my trusty Canon Rebel and caught a cab up to Mount Faber, one of Singapore’s most notorious sightseeing spots.

The area’s beauty was amplified by a kaleidoscope of colours created by the sunset. A perfect blend of nature and urban. From the jungle-like peak of Faber, the entirety of Singapore’s Central Region is visible.

I met a friendly Singaporean photographer named Lim Kay Tok in my pursuit of snappy-ness. He was a much better photographer than me and I learned a few tricks from him. An engineer by day and photographer by night, I was thankful for Lim’s expertise. He even let me borrow his tripod for a few shots since I forgot mine at my hotel. Amateur move.

Sundown in Singapore.

Sundown in Singapore.

Once the sun dipped behind the horizon, Singapore’s cityscape came alive. Skyscrapers pulsated with light and colour.

Mosquitoes nipped at my legs and sweat stung my eyes while I struggled to capture the perfect shot. Struggling with the physical environment, I thought about how my dad could never be a photographer. He wouldn’t have enough patience for such a task. I pictured him yelling, snapping a tripod in half and furiously storming down the slopes of Mount Faber. Golf alone is stressful enough for him. He always told me, “Dorian, I have patience. Until it runs out.” It would have long expired at this point. Picturing my parents here was a funny thought indeed, although they’re much more experienced globetrotters than myself.

I laughed to myself and continued to shoot.

Visit Mount Faber’s home page here.

Day & Night over Central Singapore.

Day & night over Central Singapore. The laser light show is coming from Marina Bay Sands, Singapore’s most expensive hotel and a unique example of architecture. Resembling something like a ship, see it beneath the first beam on the left.


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