DGCiao! Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Dorian & I’m a 27-year-old Canadian multimedia journalist, filmmaker & photographer who lived in Singapore in the summer of 2013. I’ve returned to North America, but my blog lives on and I continue to report on Southeast Asian culture in New York City, particularly on Cambodians in the Bronx. I’m currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

Sleepless in Singapore explores Southeast Asian culture, its sites, & sounds. I’m a journalist by profession, but storyteller at heart. I live to meet people, travel the world & tell stories. My head is in the clouds & my hands are glued to a camera. Here, you’ll meet Filipino gangsters, water-deprived Malaysian villagers, Thai tattoo artists, and & Cambodian monks scarred by genocide. My storytelling strives to dissolve the Western lens.

All writing, photographs & video featured on Sleepless in Singapore are by myself unless otherwise attributed. Some of my work on this blog has even been featured by international publications like VICE ,Voices of New York, and Asian Geographic. I hope you enjoy! Please don’t hesitate to reach out about story tips or ideas on any of the Southeast Asian communities in New York or abroad.

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Email: dorian.geiger@gmail.com | drg2152@columbia.edu

Phone: 917-831-6682 (U.S.) | 306-280-8718 (CAD)


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